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Our Small Story

Let My Colors Go  and Soltar Mis Colores are based on the sold-out, award-winning books "Let My Colors Out" and "My Cancer Days".  After a multitude of requests, Let My Colors Go was created to broaden the audience of children helped from those facing their parent's or their own cancer diagnoses, to children facing a multitude of life-changing events. Families and counselors who have experienced the healing power of the first two books can now use Let My Colors Go to help a child express their emotions during a sudden illness, a job loss, a divorce, a sudden move or an incarceration. 

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Five Star Review-A Wonderful Concept, a Beautiful Book-Len Boswell

This beautifully written and illustrated book helps kids deal with their feelings during times of change. Whatever the change is, this book will help kids--and parents--deal with the issues in a constructive, creative way. Outstanding!

Five Star Review-Tough Times Need Expression-John C. Fowler Ph.D.

These are particularly tough times and children are not always able to express their pent up feelings (emotions). Children are fascinated with colors and they are often able to relate to color as a form of expression. This book is designed to help them to do just that. In this short, powerful book we see a boy and his dog live through tough times expressing their feelings to colors without guilt or shame. Well written and beautifully illustrated, what a way to have a child sit down with a parent or another important person and feel the freedom to let their colors go! They can say it, write it and/or draw it in their special book to call their own.

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